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Simon Salter

"You are an awesome instructor! True role model and coach"

Leoni Woodward

“At first, I was nervous, Julie made me feel comfortable, helped with my technique, coached me through and now I have the confidence to do things I never thought I could. Thank you!"

Leanne Hunter

“What makes Julie different from other personal trainers is that she truly makes it personal to you. She listens to your needs, develops a programme to fit in with your life. Doesn't stop there, she checks in weekly to find out how you've got on, discusses with you how to overcome your challenges. The fortnightly phone catch ups are of huge benefit to me. Thank you"

Debbie Pow

“I spent 8 valuable weeks with Julie on my nutrition journey. I have been a yo-yo dieter all my adult life, I have tried and failed at every diet I have had the misplesure to believe will work for me. Did Julie give me another diet, no, was that what I expected yes. Was I disappointed yes. Was Julie right not to give me another diet, yes! What did Julie give me...something I didn’t know I needed. The ability to review my relationship with food, the thought process to challenge all of the myths I had believed from the various diets over the years and more importantly the belief that food is not a sin. I can now manage portion control, understand what foods are good for me in terms of how I feel before and after eating and also how to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Thank you Julie for your support and patience during my journey."

"Julie gets under your skin to understand what motivates you... She doesn't tell you what you can and can't eat - which is really important for me"

Lyndsay Curry