Ways you can work with me:
Julie Paton-Monk


Body & Mindset Coach: Are You Ready to Live your Best Life?

Coaching Chemistry Discovery Session


Before working me, it’s a great idea to have an initial session to explore the chemistry between us. This session allows us to do just that.

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Fit into my Jeans! - 2-week Kickstarter experience


2-week Kickstarter online experience lets you sample the personalised experience that gets my clients results. If you are fed up with yo-yo diets, hitting the cardio hard and nothing working. Or maybe you have lost your way a little on your healthy lifestyle and need a re-set.

These 2 weeks will help you to lose between 2-10lbs, raising your energy, improving your body tone and getting those clothes to fit more comfortably.


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Body & Mindset Coaching:

Fit Back into the Clothes you Love


You have a wardrobe full of clothes, nothing fits, you don’t feel good in the clothes you wear. You end up wearing the same jeans, same top. You’re waiting for the day you lose weight…You’ve tried all the diets, all the workouts, missed social events… you still don’t lose weight.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can enjoy food, live life and lose weight.

Our work together will help you trust and love your body again. 16-week real life path to your sustainable lifestyle will give you more energy, your wardrobe back, confidence, improved health and satisfaction in your lifestyle.


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Life Coaching:  Live your best life, get unstuck


You feel stuck, nothing is changing, each day is the same old. You know within you there is something more. You have more potential. You have dreams – you think of them as silly wishes you don’t dare to share with others. You tell yourself things will get better when……you’ll do that thing when…you try to shake off the feeling, telling yourself, life is good, stop moaning!

I will work with you to uncover what it is you want for your life, what is holding you back – lack of confidence, motivation, past experiences. Enabling you to take control of all areas of your life, providing you with accountability and confidence to move forward and live into the life you want to create.

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Cancer Rehab:

Living with & beyond Cancer


If you are awaiting diagnosis, undergoing treatment or post treatment. I can work with you on your fitness and nutrition goals.  Covering all types, stages and cancer treatments, providing physical activity programmes to help manage the side effects of cancer or treatment to help improve quality of life. 

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Body Coaching: Online Experience


You’re literally running to the gym, stressing to get your Personal Training session on time.  If your honest the time of the sessions aren’t really working for you.

When you train on your own, you end up doing the same moves, getting bored and not challenging yourself. Motivation is drifting, life is busy and time to train is starting to slip. You feel like your fitness is starting to plateau, worse still…. losing some of it.

This is where I was at when I started to work with my own online coach. We have never been in a better to make Personal Training work for us. My online experience allows you to choose to workout at home or in a gym, when it suits you. With my online apps providing accountability so I can see when you are training or if you have missed a session.

If you want a personalised training plan tailored to your goals, that will hold you accountable, challenge you and fit in with your lifestyle. Body Coaching Online Experience is for you.

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